Rmoosh .. local lashes

rouda ahmed

Posted on July 24 2018

Rmoosh .. local lashes

Rmoosh lashes is the first registered Qatari trademark, launched in 2015. Following its success, HD Delta Neels lenses were launched.
Rmoosh lashes are characterized by their high quality and different styles. The mink collection has 12 attractive shapes. Each shape reflects a specific horoscope’s strength and unique personality. This resulted in a complete collection of unique and diverse lashes. Made from natural mink fur, each pair is handmade with soft cotton thread, light weight, cruelty free, and can be used up to 25 times without the need for mascara.

Is Rmoosh cruelty free?
Yes, Rmoosh is cruelty free. We care immensely about the finest details and believe in the importance of preserving the environment and animal welfare. Thus, we choose high leveled craftsmen suppliers who hold certified accreditations approved by competent authorities.

Why is Rmoosh the perfect choice?
Our vision is offering charming looks that hold up to cruelty free beauty standards. You are beautiful to the core, and your beauty should always be cruelty free.
Our goal is for you to be the prettiest, as simple as that.

Why we chose ‘Rmoosh’ as our brand name?
Rmoosh is the Arabic name for eyelashes. The thicker and curlier the lashes are, the more attractive and beautiful the eyes become.
We chose a simple Arabic name that is easy to say for non Arabic speakers just to share our culture.

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